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                                               Avoid conflicts with strong hands, take the roadmap

At present, the domestic manufacturers of cephalosporin antibiotics 7-ACA, including Shijiazhuang, Fukang, Lukang, etc., have completely reversed the situation of foreign 7-ACA occupying the domestic market, and foreign manufacturers have already withdrawn from the domestic market. As a result, the supply of domestic 7-ACA is very tight. The domestic consumer market for cephalosporin antibiotics has matured, which has led to a shortage of domestic cephalosporin antibiotics in short supply. This situation will lead to a new round of investment climax, but due to various reasons of the above analysis, it is difficult for newly-invested enterprises to compete with established companies, although some established companies have stopped production of one or several varieties. But restoring production is easy. Therefore, although the domestic cephalosporin antibiotic pharmaceutical intermediate market has a large room for development, it has considerable risks for new investors.
Due to the current hot market for cephalosporin antibiotics, the price of penicillin antibiotics is low. Therefore, it is also a good investment route to carry out penicillin modification to synthesize new antibiotics. Such as mezlocillin, azlocillin, piperacillin, etc., because of its good efficacy, low price, adequate supply of raw materials, and has a very good development prospects. At the same time, the transformation of penicillin into the nucleus of cephalosporin antibiotics, such as 7-ADCA, GCLE, GEO, etc., is also a product with good market prospects. Investing in these products can avoid a positive conflict with mature and powerful competitors, and can be surprisingly successful.




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